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NYC: Self in Motion/ Self en Movimiento (English and Spanish)

Slinkey Self in Motion

July 10-13, 2017

Self in Motion:
A Radical Phenomenological Approach to Gestalt Theory
(Conducted in English and Spanish)

with Ruella Frank

The workshop is co-organized by
Center for Somatic Studies, and
Centro de Terapia y Psicología

The First Presbyterian Church
12 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011
The Parlor Room

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 9:30 am – 4:30 p.m.

$970 (€900)

For more information and registration, please contact:
Centro de Terapia y Psicología:
+34 (91) 416 52 70

About the workshop:

As a phenomenological methodology, Gestalt Therapy is concerned with an understanding of how we live the situation we are living: how to analyze, describe and know it.
In this training, participants will learn the basic principles of Gestalt Therapy Theory by investigating the dynamics of movement.
In breaking down movement process to its most basic elements, we will explore ideas of Self, Creative Adjusting, Contacting, Modalities of Contacting, etc. That is, by focusing on MOVING– tactility (touch), kinesthesia (the feel of ourselves moving), and kinetics (movement itself), we will learn the essentials of how we experience ourselves with an other.
Special attention will be given to the emergence of fundamental movements in the first year of life and their constitutive participation in the moment-to-moment experiences throughout life: a developmental perspective


10-13 Julio, 2017

Self en Movimiento:
Un Enfoque Radicalmente
Fenomenológico de la Teoría Gestáltica

con Ruella Frank

El taller está organizado conjuntamente por
Center for Somatic Studies, y
Centro de Terapia y Psicología

The First Presbyterian Church
12 West 12th Street
Nueva York, NY 10011

Para más información e inscripciones dirigirse a:

+34 (91) 416 52 70 (de 5 a 8 de la tarde)

Sobre el taller:

Como una metodología fenomenológica, la Terapia Gestalt se ocupa de comprender cómo vivimos la situación que estamos viviendo: cómo la analizamos, la describimos y la conocemos.
En este curso, los participantes van a aprender los principios básicos de la teoría de la Terapia Gestalt investigando la dinámica del movimiento.
Fragmentando el proceso del movimiento en sus elementos más básicos, vamos a explorar los conceptos del self, del ajuste creativo, el proceso-decontacto, las modalidades del contactar, etc. Esto es, centrándonos en el MOVIMIENTO: el tacto (tocar), la cinestesia (la sensación de nosotros mismos en movimiento) y la cinética (el movimiento en sí mismo), vamos a aprender cómo nos experimentamos a nosotros mismos con un otro.
Se va a dar una atención especial al surgir de los movimientos fundamentales en el primer año de la vida y su participación constitutiva en las experiencias momento-a-momento a través de la vida: una perspectiva del desarrollo.

Kiev: Flesh and Bones of the Situation

Jean Marie Robine sitting with Ruella Frank

June 14-16, 2016

Flesh and Bones of the Situation

with Ruella Frank and Jean-Marie Robine
The workshop is co-organized by
KGU – Kiev Gestalt University, and
UICGT – Ukrainian Institute for Contemporary Gestalt Therapy

Kiev, Ukraine
St. Lutheran 6 B, Office 36
Kiev Gestalt University

For more information and registration, please contact:

+38 (044) 230 94 47
+38 (044) 229 43 08
KGU Workshop Page

+38 (067) 105 08 36
+38 (095) 534 07 95
UICGT Workshop Page

About the workshop:

During this experiential, experimental and theoretical workshop, we will explore the core concepts of Gestalt therapy and unify them with those of somatic development.

We will demonstrate how fundamental movements are inextricably linked to contacting as primary experience, and how kinesthetic resonance contributes to the “id of situation” and underlies intentionality.

Through mini-lecture, experiment, experiential demonstration and discussion, we will involve ourselves in action-research to enhance our fundamental comprehension and deepen our daily practice.

Download the Workshop Flyer here, or by clicking either of the images below. Both images link to the full two page PDF file: