Online: Kinesthetic Resonance: The Basis of Social Understanding

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Friday June 4 & Saturday June 5, 2021

Ruella Frank Online:
Kinesthetic Resonance: The Basis of Social Understanding

By Gestalt institute of Toronto, Canada with Ruella Frank

10:00am – 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time

$450, GIT Student and GIT Graduate Rate: $395

For further information and to register
please visit Gestalt institute of Toronto

Or Call: 416-964-9464

About the workshop:

This two-day workshop explores the always ongoing experience of kinesthetic resonance, the bodily feel of our relationships as we engage with the world. Participants learn how to unfold body-to-body communications that often remain elusive to us, hidden and unaware. These interactions generate feeling tones that reverberate from one person to another, allowing us to appraise the situation we are co-creating. Using a developmental lens, we investigate baby-parent dyads in the forming of kinesthetic resonance and consider how our earlier experiences similarly function within the adult therapy dyad.

Continuing Education (CE): 12 hours
Participants will receive a certificate of continuing education hours.

The workshop is open to: