Edinburgh: Open Workshop: Traumatic Attaching

Ruella Frank in workshop

June 13-15, 2015

Open Workshop:
Traumatic Attaching
A somatic and developmental approach

Central Edinburgh

Saturday – Monday, 9:30am – 5:00pm

£375, with non-refundable deposit of £150

For more information and registration, please contact :
Edinburgh Gestalt Institute EGI
0131 228 3841
info (at) egi.uk.com

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About the workshop:

This cutting edge advanced practitioner workshop will centre on the interactions of infant and parent, which over time create patterns of embodied traumatic attaching, and which signify the passage of intergenerational trauma. It is ideal for experienced counsellors and psychotherapists who are Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy graduates, or who have a grounding in working with body process.

Special emphasis will be placed on how these early psycho-physical patterns are expressed within the adult client-therapist relationship, and how to extend your clinical range with them. You will develop your phenomenological capacity and refine your ability to attend to embodied co-transferential process, and to work relationally with enduring patterns of traumatic attaching. Ruella will teach into the phenomenon of kinaesthetic resonance and how this can illuminate and deepen clinical understanding and intervention.

Ruella has developed a conceptual and practical framework around six fundamental movements, co-created within the infant/parent dyad in the first year of life and similarly functioning within the co-creating of adult relationship. Since the mid 1990s, she has been developing and advancing a present-centred, nonlinear and phenomenological developmental theory for Gestalt therapy with these six fundamental movements and their psychological attributes at its centrepiece.

The training style will be within a large group format. There will be live demonstrations, skills practice and theoretical input rather than a group process focus. This training style is common with visiting international trainers, as it means more participants can experience specialised learning at reasonable cost.

Ruella and EGI are delighted to offer this unique opportunity to work in the UK with an internationally renowned leader of the field.

For further details and questions about the workshops: email info (at) egi.uk.com or go to www.egi.uk.com/events/traumatic-attaching…ruella-frank

All workshops are open to psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, infant educators, physical therapists, mental health counselors from a variety of backgrounds, as well as movement therapists/educators and those lay people who wish to better understand the relationship between psychological experience and physical expression.

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