Faculty and Trainers

Adjunct Faculty:

Dan Bloom, JD, LCSW, practices psychotherapy in New York City. He is a fellow of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy, a full member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy, past-president of the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy and past president of the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy.

Michael Vincent Miller, PhD., is the co-founder of Boston Gestalt Institute, practices in New York City and teaches in various countries throughout the world. Michael’s articles and reviews have appeared in many journals and magazines. He is the author of three books: Intimate Terrorism, (eight languages); Teaching a Paranoid to Flirt; and most recently, A Gestalt Testament.

Certified DSP Trainer and Supervisor:

Jennifer Bury, CMT, is a Certified Movement Therapist and certified trainer in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy. She co-facilitates an advanced Gestalt study group, combining her background in medicine, kinesiology, and somatics into her Gestalt practice. Based in San Francisco, Jennifer has been in private practice for 30+ years teaching, supervising, and presenting across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Billy Desmond, MSc, MBA, UKCP, ECP, is a gestalt psychotherapist, supervisor and embodied practitioner researcher with a particular interest in groups. He is a visiting guest faculty at Metanoia Institute, Gestalt Centre London and Ashridge Business School amongst others, and works between the UK and Ireland. He has co-authored a book: Introduction to Gestalt and has published chapters, journal papers and articles.

Karen Ginsburg, LCSW, LMT, practices Somatic psychotherapy in Philadelphia and New York City. She is on the faculty of the Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia and holds certificates in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, and Gestalt Therapy. She has also completed training in Somatic Experiencing. She was a licensed massage therapist for over a decade and integrates her background in bodywork and the performing arts into her work as a therapist and trainer.

Miguel Islas, BA, LPC, practices gestalt psychotherapy in Mexico City. He is a faculty member, trainer and supervisor in the Gestalt Program at the Humanistic Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy (Mexico). Miguel is certified in Body-Mind Movement (Mexico) and Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy (NYC).

Helena Kallner, MA, MSc, UKCP reg. Psychotherapist, practices Gestalt psychotherapy in Stockholm. Helena, a Senior Teacher of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, presents workshops throughout Europe and Russia. She is presently a doctoral student at Metanoia Institute/ Middlesex University, researching psychotherapists use of movement and Kinesthetic Resonance.

David Picó, PhD, psychologist and Doctor in Computer Science, is an EAGT-accredited Gestalt therapist practicing in Valencia, Spain. He is a faculty member of Centre Gestalt Valencia and keeps an active online practice as a therapist, supervisor and teacher. He is a musician and he is particularly interested in expression and movement.